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Savings Account

Our range of savings accounts can make saving simple and rewarding. Saving with UNICS comes with many advantages as we help you achieve your goals and objectives. We offer our customers the possibility of saving money in exchange for interest. Earn incredible interest per annum with UNICS. We’ll give you interest on every Franc in your account and, as you build up more money, you get more interest. It’s simple: the more you save, the more you’ll get.
We have two categories. Interest Bearing: Generates interest to the Customer during the period which the savings were constituted. & None Interest Bearing.

support This Account is designed to enable individuals save money for daily needs, precaution and speculative motives.
-Attractive interest rates of up to 5% per annum.
-Withdraw at any time without any prior notification except for very huge amounts.
-Withdraw from any of our UNICS Branches.
-Open to all other adhoc services and products.

This Account is designed to enable meeting groups and Associations save money for daily and future use.
-Attractive interest rates of up to 5% per annum.
-withdraw at any time without any prior notification except for very huge amounts.
-Withdraw from any of our UNICS Branches.
-Open to all other adhoc services and products of UNICS.
-Serves as collateral for the acquisition of Credit.

This is a special package for students of the secondary and higher institutions of learning. This package is aimed at bringing the students to the latest innovations in banking.
-A Opened a student Saving Account for 10 000 FCFA and benefit from the following:
-Free Visa card.
-Free UNICS Mobile Banking subscription.
-Online fee payment assistance.

The Term Deposit gives individuals and organizations the possibility to make more money as a creditor in a fixed interest security with interest due at maturity.
- Interest rate negotiable.
-Keep your money with a more stable financial institution.
-Opportunities to negotiate for higher interest.

Invest money as a creditor in a fixed interest security and received interest upfront. No-interest rate negotiable.
-Opportunities to bring more money and negotiate for Higher Interest.

The FUTURIS account permits holder to accumulate money gradually to carry on a planned project.
-Could deposit as low as 500 FCFA per day.
-Deposit from you shop through our daily collectors.
-Earn attractive interest per annum on the amount deposited.
-Serve as a base for a Small Business Loan.
-Salary earners could conveniently prepare for BACK TO SCHOOL by placing a standing order from their Salary Account to a Futuris Account.

Current Account

UNICS current accounts come bundled with choices and opportunities. From personalized cheques that get treated at par in any city where we have a branch, through cheques clearance to funds transfer via inter-city deposits and withdrawals, our priority services have become the benchmark for banking industry.
Specific Benefits: What’s in it for you?
Imagine the freedom to do what you want with your cash when you want. No strings attached. Well, here’s an account designed especially for you. So whatever your plans, it’s a great way of managing your money and introducing you to the world of finance. It also means you can start to build a relationship with UNICS that will support you throughout your professional or business life.

support This Account type is designed to specially meet the banking needs of Small and Medium sized Enterprises operating in the Informal Sector on the individual(s) personal name. This account is managed by a Physical person.
-Personalized cheques.
-Availability of online banking (E- History).
-Availability of operational loan.
-Availability of Investment loans.
-Financing of Contracts and Supplies.
-Open to all our adhoc services indicated below.
-Attractive charge with room to negotiation for Special conditions.
-Flexible collateral options.

Regarding technology products such as mobile phones, televisions, computers, software products or other electronic or mechanical goods, it is termed technical support.


These are Moral Registered Big Business accounts which might also be Small and Medium Size in nature. This Account class is managed by a Moral person.
-They enjoy all the benefits listed under Individual Business Account and can apply for Bigger loans and Overdrafts.
-UNICS will freely introduce them to other important partners in their business chain where necessary.

These are Moral Group Accounts with a status as well as an authorization of existence to operate. Domiciliation of Payments for their operations and workers.
-Quick access to money using our adhoc services.
-Financing of events.
-Providing Resource Persons during capacity building seminars and workshops.
-Other partnership opportunities.

STUDENT ACCOUNTS This Account type and its Associated products are specially designed and adapted to meet the needs of Academic institutions of all levels.
-Special student accounts package with free VISA card upon Account opening.
-Special Overdraft facilities to finance operational issues such as paying of salaries.
- Refurbishment and construction loans.
-Domiciliation of school fees.
-Mobile Banking package for students and staff.

With the DAYNESS or Small Business Current Account, those of the Informal Sector with unregistered petty businesses have the opportunity to conveniently run a small business account and enjoy all the banking privileges of loans, cheque clearance, Mobile Banking, Overdrafts etc.

Salary Account

support This is a special package designed for state workers and retired state workers.
-Automatic Overdraft of up to 50% of clients’ net salary.
-Loans of up to 60 months.
-Could benefit from all UNICS adhoc products and services.
-Account is opened at ZERO cost.
-Clients can benefit TWO loans simultaneously.
-Emergency loans accorded within 48 hours.
-School fees loan accorded for 09 Months.
-Flexible charges based on clients’ net salary.
-Clients could have their salaries paid via their Mobile Money Account.

In this Account type, We are exceptionally outstanding in the management of portfolios of private companies. Each portfolio with its specific condition is configured as a package which is unique in terms of loan condition and charges.
-Automatic Overdraft of up to 33% of clients’ net salary.
-Short term and medium term loans.
-Could benefit from all UNICS adhoc products and services.
-Account Opening charge is negotiable with CNPS Accounts opened free.
- Clients can benefit TWO loans simultaneously.
-Emergency loans accorded with 48H hours.
-School fees loan accorded for 09 Months.
-Specific packages are designed for different portfolios depending on the terms of negotiation and their particularity.
-Clients could have their salaries paid via their Mobile Money Account.

UNICS is one of the financial institutions privileged to be in partnership with NSIF (CNPS) for the payment of old age pensions. We have also been mandated to collect the obligatory and voluntary insurance contribution for companies as well as those in the informal sector Pension Account holders also enjoy all the advantages the Private Sector Salary Account enjoy.