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It gives you the possibility to:

  • Transfer money to self or a third party.
  • View and print account statements.
  • Do account to account transfer.
  • Request for check booklet.
  • Transmit queries.
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About U-Connect

U-Connect is a web-based application that enables UNICS’ Customers to carry out basic banking operations remotely. This is to go in line with modernity, and most especially produce excellent quality customer service.

Product Specification

Technical requirements: Only a working internet connection permitting access to the our website.

Compatible with all browsers (FIREFOX, chrome, explorer, opera mini).

The u-connect platform is not an application giving automatic orders to our banking systems. Every command or operation initiated by the Customer is converted by the system to a request in the form of an e-mail.
These commands are thus analyzed and then carried out manually upon verification by Operations Officers at the Head Office

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What are your benefits?

U-connect is web based and as such could be accessed anywhere from the internet-Be it your office, your home etc. with the help of your laptop, your phones, tablets etc…

Permits account to account transfers online. This is a reflex for many salary account owners who wish to get their salaries immediately into saving account. This could easily be done online with U Connect and for those who don’t have saving accounts in UNICS a strong motivation to henceforth do so.

In general this tool is made to get the Customer have a day to day watch and feedback on his banking activities such as transfers payment of bills by partners etc...

It is very practical for company accountants who may need to have the company account history at very short notice.

Print your account statement as many times as possible without any extra cost

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