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UNITY CO-OPERATIVE SOCIETY (UNICS) Plc is a category II Microfinance Institution offering online, mobile and conventional banking products and services. And our vision is to become the number one financial power house for the Rural and Urban low income earnersand the unbanked and to provide financial services to the less privilege irrespective of religion, race and gender.

UNITY CO-OPERATIVE SOCIETY (UNICS) Plc opened her doors on the 15th of January 2000 as a Category 1 Microfinance Institution with a single Branch around the Central Market in Yaoundé with thirty (30) Pioneer Shareholders and a handful of Members.

Today, UNICS Plc is a Category 2 Microfinance Institution with 18 Branches in 9 towns and 5 Regions, over 68,000 customers and with more than 250 shareholders. UNICS Plc has a declared and fully paid capital of FCFA 1,600,000,000 (One billion six hundred million francs).

With 135 employees, UNICS Plc offers a complete package of modern financial products and services to large enterprises, small and medium sized enterprises (SMEs), Government investment bodies, other financial institutions, multinationals, international organizations, civil servants, private company workers among others.

UNICS Plc has a history of adapting its business to meet the ever changing demand of its customers. As our customers continue to move farther around the world to explore other business opportunities, UNICS Plc equally keeps advancing in technology, research and proposes sustainable financial solutions that meets up to their expectations.

The Values (RISC)


Your partner in wealth creation for the long-run.


It is knowing the right from wrong and choosing the high standard.


It is how we streamline processes to meet our client needs.


It is how we gain trust.

The Mission

Enable communities create wealth.
Provide financial services to the unbanked.
Stimulate the economy.
Reward shareholders.


We continue to ensure that our people can reach us and consume our services with great ease. As we have clients spread all over the national territory, we do all to be accessible to them. We cover five of Cameroon’s ten regions and are present in the most important cities of the country namely Yaoundé, Douala, Bamenda, Buea, Limbe and Kribi. We have equally expanded our network to rural areas with branches in Bafut, Bambili and Mouanko.
Considering that accessibility is not only geographical, and because we are attentive to the needs of our customers, we are currently developing a branchless banking project that will see us offer our services to the remotest areas of the country in an affordable manner.

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