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A general overview of our work!

UNITY CO-OPERATIVE SOCIETY (UNICS) opened her doors on the 15th of January 2000 as a Category 1 Microfinance Institution with a single Branch around the Central Market in Yaoundé with thirty (30) Pioneer Shareholders and a handful of Members. As the vision of the shareholders changed overtime, UNICS Plc. moved from a Co-operative Society to a Category 1 Microfinance Institution in 2003. UNICS Plc. upgraded to a Public Limited Company in 2008. With a more customer centric approach to management, UNICS Plc. invested a lot in the development of people, products and services to permanently satisfy the present and future needs of customers. These actions began yielding concrete fruits when in 2013 the Cameroon Ministry of Finance classified UNICS Plc. 9th in terms of Fund collection and 10th in terms of Credits among more than 450 Microfinance Institutions.(Source:DGTCFM. Bulletin Trimestrielsur le secteur Financier Camerounais N° 006/Octobre 2013). The following year, UNICS Plc. was classified overall 2nd among more than 300 category 1 Microfinance Institutions. In 2016, UNICS Plc. was accredited to operate as a Category 2 Microfinance Institution. Today, we are operating with 18 Branches within 10 towns and 5 Regions, with over 68,000 customers and more than 250 shareholders. UNICS Plc. has a declared and fully paid capital of FCFA 1,600,000,000 (One billion six hundred million francs).

UNICS Plc. offers a complete package of modern financial products and services to small business holders, young Entrepreneurs in the agricultural value chain, women and common initiative groups, small and medium sized enterprises (SMEs), large enterprises, Government investment bodies, other financial institutions, multinationals, international organizations, civil servants, private company workers among others.

UNICS Plc. has a history of adapting its business to meet the changing needs of the people it serves. Thus, as our customers continue to move to farther places around the world, the Institution equally keeps developing products and services that will continue to bind us together. In addition to the conventional banking products, we offer VISA Bank cards and ATM services, Mobile Banking, Internet Banking services, Insurance products, specially designed credit products for specific segments like Commercial motorcycle Riders, Cocoa Dealers, farmer co-operatives and others.

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